AGILE RISK is a venture-backed risk advisory boutique in London.


Traditionally, global re/insurance markets have been about making big calls with insufficient data―PORTFOLIOS of big calls propped-up by extraordinary amounts of operating leverage, re/insurance.

Risk-carriers are looking at a PERFECT STORM right now―in the form of poor recent underwriting results, and Basel III’s little-sister Solvency II―and this is driving massive-scale deleveraging throughout the sector.

Our view is that this deleveraging calls for three things:

1. better data,
2. better analytics, and
3. different ways of financing the risk previously re/insured.

When you’re IN AMONGST IT, it can be difficult to take the OUTSIDE VIEW.

But our team is taking the OUTSIDE VIEW. And we’re building a business that attacks these three things head-on, a business that changes the game!

Please get in contact with our team via:

James Poole MBA FCIIManaging Director, Partner

Our Investors

Avantis is a specialist re/insurance-sector investor, and owner of a number of insurance broking and underwriting agency businesses (MGAs).